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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm running this marathon for..... AMERICA!

10 years ago on September 11th our country changed. Our country stood still in shock, in horror, in disbelief. On September 11th the world stopped turning. Where were you? Where were you when the 2 towers fell, Where were you when 1000's of people lost their lives, Where were you when 1000's of people helped fight for our freedom?

I was sitting in my 11th grade American History class living history,My Bekemeyer's 1st hour. It was just like any other high school morning. None of us expecting anything to change. As I walked into the room saying good bye to my friends as they ventured into their first hour classrooms, Mr Bekemeyer had CNN on the TV as he always did. But today was different, today we were all staring at the TV in silence. None of us really paid to much attention to CNN any other day but on this particular Tuesday morning around 8:00, about 30 17yr olds were glues to the TV. The intensity you felt at that very moment, the tears of the students and teachers around you was indescribable.

On the 10 anniversary of this tragic event I decided to honor the men and women we lost with a 5K race around Lake Como. My cousin Nick joined me. The race started at 9:11am, Gary, the announcer said a little something in honor of our lost loved ones and released 36 white doves in their honor. In that moment of silence you could really feel the intense emotions each of us runners were feeling as we geared up for the 3.2 mile race.

Nick and I already to RACE!!

My husband being a great cheerleader... and photographer!

The 36 White Doves released

and we're off....

It looked like Nick needed some water....so I gave him some!

coming in on the home stretch.....

I'm running this race for ... AMMEERRRIICCAAAA!!!

We finished this race in 41:34 minutes!

Our 9/11 race T-shirts!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Pictures can speak 1,000 words

^^ Celebrating our 1 Year anniversary 3/6/2011^^

^^ Fred after Heart surgery 4/10/11^^

^^ Memorial Day fishing 5/31/2011^^

^^ Hodgson Family photo 6/5/2011^^

^^ Cory and Jen's wedding 6/4/2011^^

^^ Finally Friday with J.D Greene from K102 6/11/2011^^

^^ Taylors Falls 7/3/2011^^

^^ Celebrating the USA 7/4/11^^

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Sorry folks - things have been crazy busy this summer. Jack and I have been preparing to have a baby, as in getting as much "partying" as we can until the parasite attaches! Yes I call my unborn child a parasite. I mean that's technically what it is until it pops out! Some people find it harsh but whatever - it's my kid, I'll call it what I want!! We started our summer out busy with cabin fun and out of town weddings. We were traveling every weekend for about 2 months straight. Not much else has changed in our lives just hanging out and living the dream in this hot and humid hell. Jack hit is 31st birthday last week. On Friday we went to Tria in North Oaks and had a nice romantic meal. It was delicious! Saturday was his actual birthday but I had bought him and Ryan tickets to the Highland Beer Dabbler. The beer Dabbler is a beer tasting event that hosts over 64 vendors. Jack's kind of party!! It was SOOO hot out that day they didn't make it the whole 4 hours. After I picked the boys up we went to the good Old Clover Inn, I call it the Clover Dilly Pub!

My Birthday is coming up and since last year was Jack's 30 and we had a big party- this year it is my turn. If you know me, I always have a theme for my parties, this year it is a WHITE TRASH BASH!! I am so excited I can't even stand it. I am having a King and Queen of the trailer park contest and a best hair contest. Should be interesting to see who wins!! Stay tuned for pictures!!

My recent new is I am scheduled to get LASIK eye surgery on August 9th!! I am very excited to get this but also nervous! The doctor I am going to see made it very clear it was an easy and painless surgery. I am a perfect candidate because I have a very thick strong cornea and very healthy eyes. I have spoke to multiple people and they all recommend the surgery, it was the best thing they could of done. It will be so refreshing to not have to wear glasses! I can not wait. I am going to look like a whole new person!

Oh and if I haven't spoke to or seen you in a while, I have lost almost 20 pounds!!! I was at 20 but I have gained a few back :( I stuck with the Weight Watchers program until mid June and now I am on my own. Still working out but have gone back to my old eating habits. I have also been training for running a 5K. I plan to run one on July 30th (the day of my party)!! This is a huge goal of mine and I am super stoked to succeed. I have always wanted to be a runner and I have actually put myself up for the challenge. As of today- I can get to 2.5 miles non stop.... should be interesting how race day goes!

As far as a Wolter's parasite, I started my prenatal vitamins and I am off the pill as of last week, so only time will tell! I am hoping that the parasite will attach itself by the end of September, then we will have a mid May early June baby! I wish I knew what I was having so I could start getting things ready.. but I have to wait fro a few months! We already have our names picked out so that is done. I guess we coudl focus on furniture nad things like that but hey I can wait unitl I know I have a little bug growing inside me!

Well I will check back in after the summer is over- I am sure I will have more to talk about!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fred's new Heart

My step dad Fred, Mitter Fed as I call him, under went open heart surgery on Tuesday the 5th. For poor Mitter Fed this wasn't his first time having his most important organ worked on. In 1999 he had his leaky mitral valve repaired. 12 years later and 12 years older he has had the same valve repaired. This time he went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, to get the best care he possibly could. Dr. Shaff was his heart surgeon at St Mary's Hospital. On Tuesday April 5th he was due to be at the Hospital at 5:45am for prep for surgery. They estimated that the surgery would be performed sometime between 7-8. Mitter Fed was wheeled up to room Mb 1-753C room 2 where the nurses prepped him for the intense nerve racking 3 hour surgery that he was about to go through. From shaving his chest to prevent infection, to answer a billion questions. Around 7:53am my father figure for the last 20 years was wheeled away from the prep room to the surgery room, which could of possibly been the last time I would see him. I can not even put into the words the feelings that were going through my body at that time. From there the "nurse communicator" brought us up the level 5 (Cardiac ICU) and showed us the waiting rooms. The nurse communicator was our eyes and ears into Fred's surgery. Mom, Jack, and I went to breakfast to ease our minds of the possibly horrific train of events that could be in our futures. After breakfast we returned to the 5 floor of St Mary's hospital and anxiously waited to hear from Mary, the communicator. Around 11:16am Mary approached us in the waiting room with the news of Fred's surgery. " Mr. Gibson's surgery went satisfactory and they will be strolling him up to ICU any minute now. The doctor should be in to speak with you with more details regarding the surgery!" These were the most amazing words of my LIFE! (maybe other than my wedding vows!) Instantaneously my mom broke down in tears. It was SUCH a relief to know that it was over and he had survived. After our minor melt downs we returned to reality and waitied for Mitter Fed to get to his ICU room. By this time it was aprox. 12:30pm. When we got to his room, he was hooked up to one to many tubes in my opinion. All for a good reason but it was very disturbing. Fred was not awake at this time so that made it a little harder. We left the room and went back to the hotel to take a snooze. We stayed at the Ray Mar hotel, $45.00 a night , let's just say it reminded me of the BATES MOTEL. The beds felt like I was sleeping on a huge boulder. Talk about not getting any sleep. We arrived to the hotel around 1pm, luckily dozed off and woke around 3pm. We anxious awaited the call from ICU to let us know Fred has awoke. We decided not to sit around and twiddle our thumbs, so we traveled the 2 blocks back to Fred's 5th floor unit 5G ICU room. The nurses were fiddling with his tubes and adjusting him in bed when we arrived around 3:16pm. Fred was awake, barely but he still had his breathing tube in and could chat with us. He was very groggy and "doped" up on Fetinol. We didn't stay long because in the ICU apparently the nurses need to fiddle with the tubes, monitors, take blood, and who knows what else every ten minutes. Plus there were no chairs for us to sit and it did get a little cramped with Fred's huge hospital bed and the 3 of us standing over him. Back to the waiting room we went. Jack and I decided to do a puzzle. It was an happy puzzle, blue skies with a country farm house ,a lighthouse and beautiful flower beds and a white picket fence. If I remember correctly it was a 300 piece puzzle, not to big! We were just about finished when mom came back from checking on Fred and had informed us the breathing tube had been removed. This was exciting to me. I couldn't wait to just hear his voice again, even though it is usually always nagging at me or asking me for PDQ cookies or to cook him dinner. When we got to the ward 5G room, Fred was falling in and out of "consciousness" but could talk briefly. I went to give him a kiss and say hi, and he dopely asks " Did you just get back from your trip to Ireland?" I giggled under my breathe and replied with " Yes, it was great!". I found it pretty comical! For the next few hours he was in and out of consciousness and pretty groggy from the anesthesia and pain meds. The 3 of us decided to go to dinner and check up on him after wards. By the time we got back it was getting late, 7:45pm. When we returned to dinner Fred was back to his feisty ornery self, arguing with the night nurse (who wasn't as nice as the day nurse). His first words to me upon my return were " Where were you guys, they've been torturing me?" Apparently he wasn't taking deep enough breathes to strengthen his lungs so the had to put a mask machine thing over his face and he DID NOT like it. His throat was dry, he was thirsty and he couldn't have any water. The nurse was unaware if the water would upset his stomach and would stay in is system, if ya know what I mean! At this time we were all just exhausted, mom mentioned to Fred that we were going to go back to the hotel and tuck our selfs into our rock hard beds for the night. His words were" Come back in and hour, WE NEED TO TALK, and BRING WATER!" So back to the waiting room we went. Jack and I finished our puzzle and then Jack hunted down the game of CLUE. My all time favorite board game! We played a round of that,it ended with Prof Plum in the Library with the knife, mom was the successful detective! By the end of our game it had been an hour and a half, around 9:30pm, and we decided to say our goodnights to Fred, water or no water !! When we returned to his room he was a lit more clam and was able to have ice chips. Much more comfortable. We said our goodnights and hiked the 2 blocks back to room 27 at the "Bates Motel".

Wednesday morning I was awake bright and early at 6:30am and ready to see my Mitter Fed. I couldn't sleep any longer knowing he was a lone in that horrible ICU room with no loved ones surrounding him. Jack was awoken by me getting ready to leave the hotel, I planned on going up to the hospital by myself and having the others meet me there later, but Jack couldn't go back to sleep. My amazing husband and I traveled the 2 blocks back up to Fred's ICU room to say our goodmornings and get the 4-1-1 on his recovery. Kelsey, his ICU day Nurse, was there fiddling with his tubes and machines, nothing new for the last 24 hours. He also had a breakfast tray. For his first meal he got yellow lemon Jello, grape juice, and hot tea. Sounds appetizing, doesn't it? Mom arrived around 10am, just in time for us 3 to do our Star Tribune quiz, in the variety section. This is a family tradition we have developed over the last few years. Mitter Fed is so smart that he always gets the highest score. After the quiz, Kelsey informed us they were going to remove some of his tubes. We decided not to stick around for that. Breakfast time for us. We hiked back over to our hotel restaurant, The Bondell, and ordered our breakfast. My ham and cheese omelet was actually very good, compared to the nasty charbroiled over cooked cheeseburger I had there the night prior. After breakfast we took our time getting back to the room, I'm sure we didn't miss much. For the next few hours, we walked back and forth from Fred's ICU room to the waiting room, just checking in here and there. Lunch time came around 12:30pm, which included beef broth, cranberry juice, and raspberry jello! After he ate they were ready to move him to his own room out of the ICU. He had an amazing room, HUGE, Room 5F- 650. It wasn't to far from the ICU room he had. Mom, Jack and I went to the room ahead of time and brought our belongings and I decorated the room with pictures of his loved ones, a.k.a Mitter Fed and I! Well what can I say- I am the one with the camera all the time and I only really have pictures of Fred and I. After Fred got settled in to his new room, Jack and I unfortunately had to head home , Jack had to head to work in the morning and I had overwhelming housework to do. I would be back Saturday with my girls though!

On Saturday I gathered some of my closest friends and headed to Rochester at 9:30am. Fred didn't know we were coming! We arrived at St Mary's around 11:30am and headed straight to Fred's room. He was surprised to me and the girls. He still had his breakfast on his table, but him being a stubborn old cranky man, he wasn't eating it. He lost a bit of his appetite due to the pain meds and the "stress" of the surgery and the hospital stay. The nurses weren't to concerned, they said it was normal for this to happen to patients. For the next hour we sat and conversed about everyday normal stuff. Around 1:00pm we went out to lunch and let Fred nap, he was so overly tired and needed some shut eye. Plus once again the nurses wanted to fiddle with his tubes and have him get up and take a walk. They try to get you to walk 3 times a day and sit up in the chair 3 times a day. Sounds like such a simple task, but after heart surgery it is very painful because you are so weak. Mom, Rachael, Lynn and I went across the street from the hospital to the Canadian Honker, they had some great food. We all enjoyed an adult beverage and made remarks regarding Fred's silly behaviors! After lunch it was time for me to get the girls back to the cities. We hiked the 4-5 blocks back up the Fred's 5th floor room and said our goodbyes.

Fred got home on Monday around 3 and let's just say he was Happy to be there. I stopped by after work to say Hi, and see how he is recovering. He looked great but once again was being a stubborn man. He had coughed ridiculously hard and didn't have his heart pillow with him. He needs to use his heart pillow when he coughs to make sure he doesn't tear his incision, and to decrease the pain. That made him crabby because he was in pain. THEN, mom went to plug in the vacuum and blew a circuit. Mom and I went down in the basement and tried to figure it out, well let's just say we are not electricians. So back up stairs we went and tried to have Fred explain it to us. If you know Fred at all, that is not the way he works, he has to SHOW YOU! He grabs his shoes, puts them on and heads for the stairs. Heart surgery patients are not to use stairs , DOCTOR'S ORDERS! Well Fred could care less what the doctor has to say, so down he went. He made it down there, with me yelling at him and snickering how stupid this idea he had was. I walked over to the circuit breaker and I wiggled the fuses (or whatever they are called) and the #7 one was jiggling, I turned it off and on and the outlet up stairs worked! Now I had to get Fred UP the stairs in one piece. I knew up was going to be a lot worse than down. I made sure he took one step at a time stopping with both feet on the step and taking breathes. Needless to say we got up the stairs, 10 minutes later. Oh Mitter Fed, what we ever do with out your stubborn ass!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Long time no see...

Hello all- It has been quite some time since I last blogged. I have just been busy with work, personal life and just everyday life!! Not to much has changed...

I am still doing the Weight Watchers program. I started Oct 21 and I am officially at 18 pounds today. I am not as dedicated as I once was- due to my busy lifestyle and just falling off the wagon. I am trying my best to hit the gym 3 days a week (at least) and I have set a goal to loose another 16 pounds by June 1! I feel I can do it!

We are planning on getting "pregnant" in the fall. I am hoping to have the "seed" planted by the end of August at the latest. My brother is getting married in Fall of 2012 so I need to get that seed harvested by at least June so I can go to his destination wedding! Plus- I don't want to be preggo for his wedding, since I am the Maid Of Honor and all! This summer I want to get all my "partying" and final childless behaviors out of me so I am ready to be a full time mommy and don't feel deprived for 9 months to a year. I will admit, it is going to be one hell of a lifestyle change, but in a very good way! I am slowly but surely getting more and more excited about it. If you know me at all, I was always the one who wasn't to "fond" of children, they give me headaches and interrupt my adult time (man that makes me sound bad) Over the last 2 years I have become so fond of the little buggers, they can just brighten your day with one tiny smile. Can not wait to have my own bundle of smiles and giggles (poops, cries, messes, vomit ext...) I guess my "biological clock" is ticking!!! I am praying for a girl but at the same time I want my boy first so that my girl can have an older brother (like I did). Jack wants a girl too so that would be nice if that's what we get! Boys are so much easier though, so I hear. Just praying the little "seedling" comes out healthy with 10 fingers and 10 toes for this mommy!! WOW... referring to myself as a mommy is a weird feeling! I guess I will just have to get used to that one!

Other than that not to much has changed. Just WAITING for this horrid winter to be OVER. We had a brief glimpse of sunshine and nice weather but it got all demolished with the 4 inches of snow that landed in our yards yesterday. YUCK! This winter has been so long and dreadful. The weather has just made the last 4 months rotten. The sun will be here soon- I can just feel it!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank You!


Through out my whole 15 weeks of weight loss journey you have been there for me, supported me every step of the way. Helping me track my points, helping me choose the "healthier" choice meal when we are dining out to eat, cooking meals for me when I am working 10 hour days and making them healthy meals too, giving me encouragement when I am exercising to push myself more and more, telling me your proud of me for all my weekly weigh in's wether it be .2 or 3.4 pounds down, getting on my case for eating bad and knowing I will regretting it on my Thursday weigh in and most of all just being you!! You make this progress easier for me and I just want you to know I could not of done this with out you. Love you very much! Love ME!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jack's Orchids

For our housewarming party Jack's aunt Debbie gave Jack a few Orchid plants. Over the last 3 years he has been taking care of these plants and trying to get them to bloom. From my understanding Orchids can be very finicky to raise. Over the last week a few of the orchids bloomed.

Maureen Carter Orchid

Cattelya Orchid

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby it's cold outside....

All I have to say is IT IS FRICKING cold out! OMG! I went to my WW meeting earlier today and I swear I was frost bit by the time I walked to my car. It doesn't look like it is getting any better either.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Years!!! Welcome 2011!

I can't believe how fast 2010 went by! It is amazing how time flies when you are having fun! 2010 truly was a GREAT year! In January I prepared for my Wedding with Bridal showers and Bachellorette parties, we welcomed a new nephew to the family on February 6, James Thomas III, We got MARRIED on March 6th and had an amazing week long Honeymoon in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, Baby Owen turned ONE in April, in June I changed jobs at the University, throughout June and July we made several trips to Rachaels cabin (PARADISE!!!), my brother FINALLY moved home from California in July, over the summer we had many BBQ's at the house and also had some friends from California come stay with us, Jack celebrated the BIG 30 on July 16th, I celebrated the BIG 25 on August 2nd, Jack's brother got married on Jack's birthday, a few good friends also got hitched, Miss Natalie turned the BIG 3 in September along with my stepdad turning the BIG 60, and to top off 2010 my best friend of 16 years became my new "future" sister in law !!
It will be interesting to see what 2011 brings to the Wolters' family.
Maybe even our own bundle of joy!!!

We celebrated New Years Eve up North at my aunt's cabin. We went up there with my cousin and her friends, there was a total of 9 of us. Jack and I had so much fun it is to hard to emphasize on the fun we had with out you hearing my voice! The weather was Horrible starting on Thursday's drive up North (3 hours) but let me tell you- that did not stop us from having fun. The gang did everything from watching TV to Snow Tubing, meat raffling, Bar Bingo, sledding... I haven't had that much fun in 3 days since probably my honeymoon! :)

Jack and I in the back yard of the cabin- sledding!!!

The girls on New Years Eve- Happy New Year 2011!!

All the Meat our group won at the Meat Raffle- New Years Eve 2011!!

The gang at the Snow Tubing Hill. Fabulous time had by ALL!!

The great thing about going to my aunt's cabin is not only the wonderful amazing time I have there - but we get to see Jack's brother and Mom. They live about 5 minutes from the cabin. Jack's mom is in Florida at the moment but Jim was there and brought the new nephew for some beers!! J/k! Little J.T didn't have any! He is soooo darn cute I just want to SQUEEZE him! Julie (Jim's wife, J.T's mommy) taught little J.T to smile every time the camera is pointed at him... I took about 30 pictures cause it was way to cute to see his face!!! Here he is with Uncle Jack.... What a Ham cakes!!!