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Friday, March 26, 2010

Viva la MEXICO!!!

Jack and I took our honeymoon oen week after we got married. WE left Staurday the 13 and returned Saturday the 20th. 7 whole days in Paradise. No clocks, no cell phones, no car, and no internet... It felt GREAT!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mr and Mrs Wolters

March 6th, 2010
Photos by Nicole Nelson (nnelsonphotography.blogspot.com)

Jack and I's official last single Saturday!

On Februjary 27th Jack and I celebrated our last Satrday as "singles" and did a Tour de Bar. We landed 5 bars in a span of 8 hours. We had soo much fun!!

BAR 1: Macaluso's (2:30pm)

BAR 2: The Old Clover Inn ( 4:00pm)

BAR 3: The Vadnais Inn (6:00pm)

BAR 4: Brady's (6:30pm)

BAR 5: Mad Jack's (8:00pm)
(it was too busy inside so we just took a picture outside)

BAR 6: The Old Clover Inn (8:20pm)

Last single night!

Here are a few pics from my Bachelorette party on February 20th.

All My ladies!!!

Arrived at BRADY'S!!!

Rachie and Tracy!

I had this guy take his shirt off and show the whole bar his muscles!!!

Best Bartender EVER!!! TIMMAY!

My Mom and I